Well Drilling

14Blue Ridge International for Christ began as a well-drilling mission in the 1980’s, and has continued to provide Haiti with clean water ever since.

We currently have one well drilling rig, which is kept very busy drilling approximately 80 to 100 wells per year.  Although not every drilling attempt is successful, we have had the privilege of blessing thousands of Haitians with fresh, clean water for drinking, bathing, and washing.

In Haiti, most of the population does not have access to running water or a clean well, especially in rural areas.  People have to walk some distance – sometimes several miles – for water.  The water they do find often comes from a stream or river that is polluted by people and animals.

Benefits of fresh water:

  • Reduce disease that comes from drinking polluted water.  After the earthquake in 2010, Haiti experienced a deadly cholera outbreak that was most likely spread by drinking infected water from the Artibonite River in central Haiti.
  • Give families, schools, hospitals, etc easier access to good water for drinking, washing, and bathing
  • Increase quality of life and reduce disease by enabling better hygiene
  • Increase health by enabling better hydration, an important requirement in a hot climate

We invite you to join us in blessing the people of Haiti with fresh water by donating to the program.