Foster Program

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Foster Program

The three biggest reasons a child needs support!

In a developing country where the population is constantly expanding the biggest problems are social, economical, juvenile delinquencies, premarital pregnancy. In Haiti, girls are physically, socially, and morally abused. That is why many girls become pregnant early in life. Because they are in necessity they are obliged to offer their bodies in prostitution in order to find food and education. In a country like Haiti we repeatedly find these situations. Everyone who aids a girl, especially in Haiti, helps her life take another direction.

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Why is education important in Haiti?

In Haiti, if you don’t complete classic school it is very difficult to find work and to learn anything else. The Haitian government requires everyone to obtain an education through classic and professional school. Education is a big expense. It is a parent’s biggest necessity in Haiti. Parents will give all their money and borrow money in order to send their children to school.

There are children who walk more than3 miles just to go to school. There are children who would rather go a week without food then to lose a day of school. There is a lot of sacrifice to acquire an education in Haiti.

Education is the biggest interest a parent can invest in for their child in Haiti.

Education is not only going to school but there is also a need for spiritual and moral education. A child needs to be educated and instructed enough to be able to respond to the difficult economy which often affects the social life of girls in Haiti. They surrender to prostitution which causes them to become pregnant early.

What sponsorship will do for your child

  • Supporting a child is the biggest intervention you can make in helping a child find parental, social, economical, and spiritual assistance.
  • Supporting a child is giving her a chance at becoming a contributing member in society.
  • Supporting a child will help her develop a relationship with God in His Word so she can live in peace with others.
  • Supporting a child is doing all that a parent should do for her in life.
  • Supporting a child is helping her not to become a danger in society tomorrow.
  • Supporting a child means giving her the chance of avoiding prostitution. A lot of young girls are abused because they don’t have the possibility to live and go to school. They give in to prostitution.


When you support a child you give her life another direction, you put another smile in her life. You help her escape spiritual and mental poverty.

Most important of all, your sponsored child will hear about Jesus Christ and be encouraged to develop a lifelong relationship with God.

Description of Foster Program

  1. Assist and instruct the girls.
  2. Ensure that the girls are instructed:
  • Spiritually
  • Socially
  • Morally
  • Professionally


  1. We support the girls in going to school.
  2. We buy school supplies, books, shoes, and uniforms.
  3. Pay their school tuition.
  4. We help them through 9th grade unless they have good grades and a good attitude we continue to pay for them through high school.
  5. We plan social and spiritual activities for them.
  6. We organize summer camp for them.
  7. We have meetings with the parents.
  8. We pay their medical needs when necessary.
  9. We take them on field trips to visit historical villages.
  10. Every December they receive a Christmas gift.
  11. We visit their houses to see their living conditions.


There are children who are orphans who need more support than others, especially food, clothes and medical aid.

These details can better help you know and understand our commitment to the children.

It is good for each supporter to write the child they support a letter of encouragement and applaud their work at the end of each school year. It would be very encouraging! The supporter will receive a letter that the child has written at the end of the school year to tell you what progress she has made in her life.

Please give us 3 months notice if you would like to discontinue your sponsorship with us. Thank you!

Make a difference in the life of a child today.

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