November, 2015 Discipleship and Foster Program Update

  • Tuesday, Nov. 17th we had a staff seminar for all the employees including us American staff. The Psychologist, Isaiah was our speaker. He has really helped us in working with the girls. He is only 30 years old but he LOVES what he does and is good at what he does. Tuesday he talked about “Viv Ansanm” (Literally translated: Living Together) or “How to Live and Work Together”.  Here are some notes from his talk:


  1. He would like to see more of a “Family-style” relationship with each other. (I think he brought this up since two of the women have been struggling with each other for several weeks already).
  2. These girls are “hurting” girls. Girls who come from broken families. They need special attention. Every time we connect with the girls we create a connection or a separation.
  3. He talked about how to deal with disobedience or disrespect. The girl needs to feel REGRET, then REMORSE, then REPENTENCE in order for RECONCILIATION to happen. This all takes TIME.
  4. We need to have UNCONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE for each girl. Don’t mix the actions of the person with who the person is.
  5. We are working mostly with adolescence. Children are considered age 0-11, adolescents age 12-17, and adults 18-65, Seniors age 65 and older. It is one of the hardest age groups to work with because some of the girls we have are in the transition stage of adolescent to adult. He gave us good advice on how to treat the girls at this stage in life.
  6. Caution with judgmental words, taking time to communicate…and so much more.


  • The other day Isaiah and Doudou sat down with the girls to go over the list of rules we have for them. Isaiah suggested getting the girls involved in the making of the rules so that they understand why each rule is there. They would read the rule and ask the girls what they thought about it and if they were ok with the rule. Most of the time the girls saw the necessity in each rule and were agreed to them.