Blue Ridge International for Christ

Blue Ridge International for Christ has been serving in Haiti since the 1980′s, starting with a well drilling truck. Since then, the mission has grown to include a school sponsorship program, a church, a foster program, and a discipleship program.


Personnel needs:

  • Mechanic Assistant (now)
  • Girl to serve at Leogane with the discipleship program (now)

Prayer needs:

  • Safety and well being of employees
  • Church in Santo
  • Funds for new vehicles






3 Comments On “Blue Ridge International for Christ”

  1. I am very happy to see how the organization started with a well only. I am also happy to see that you are forming disciples in many ways. Giving solid training to everyone in a Godly way is extremely important. I am more than happy that they chose girls since the beginning because they don’t lot of chance in my country. Some families don’t even send girls to school. Some girls even think that it is normal to be dependent on the men who are abusing them because it is how they have been raised.
    NB: The experience that I have from watching some organizations in Desarmes force me to always say this: It is very important to do fallow or investigation to see if the money is well spent. Believe in report, written or spoken, is common mistake that donor organizations often make. It is really important to talk with a different crowd than the group that is close to those who were responsible to complete the works. Thank you very much for your hard works in Haiti, especially in Leogane. Thank you for helping my brothers and sisters.

    • May God bless you all. I like to read Hebrews 10 because a person asked me to read it on my dreams once while I was looking back on my life. I like to share it with everyone since then. Mark chapter 11 verse 22 to 24 are some verses that one person shared with us at home group meeting and I am living the truth of these them. I think they would encourage you all who have done a good job where ever you are!

  2. I would like to find out on how and price to drill in HAITI and who can I get in touch with to make that happen.. ?? I heard about the company from a friend of mine and it’s all good news..

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