New Van for the Discipleship Program

The Blue Ridge Discipleship Program in Leogane, Haiti is in need of good transportation for the program girls. Currently the girls ride to church, school, and other activities in the back of an open pickup. Exposure to the sun, rain, and other elements is uncomfortable and has caused some sickness from time to time.

We are raising funds to purchase a new enclosed van to use for the girls’ transportation. We have decided the best option would be a Toyota Hiace or similar. If we can find a used one we will do so; however, used ones are very difficult to find, so we are planning to purchase it new. It is quite expensive, but would offer us the following benefits:

  • Enclosed van provides protection from the elements
  • Diesel engine is required since regular gasoline is hard to find and very expensive in Haiti
  • Toyota has a strong presence in Haiti, making it easier to find service and parts

If you can help us with this purchase, please click on the donate button to the right. All donations are tax deductible and you will receive a receipt.

You can donate by Paypal or credit card.

If you wish to donate by check or money order, please send your donation to:

Blue Ridge International for Christ
570 South 700 East
Montgomery IN 47558

This is what we are currently using to transport the girls.  As you can see, rain and heat make traveling uncomfortable.