December 2015 Discipleship Program Update

  • December was full of school exams. The girls worked hard at studying and we had someone do some extra math practice with them evenings.
  • Christmas Eve the girls had a gift exchange. Each one got to go to the store and pick out a gift and then they exchanged them.
  • Christmas Day was a big day. The Cadiac girls came around 11 or 12, then because of vehicle issues our party started about 3 hours late. The girls who were here finally ate and by 3:00 the Puits Ale girls got here. We had a short presentation by the psychologist and then we have their gifts. Each one got a Bible, songbook and a small flashlight. At 5 we had a program planned where we started out with a short meditation by a visiting pastor and then each group of girls shared several songs. The youth group from church here in Leogane also presented several songs along with the Leogane girls. The girls here have learned how to sing in parts so its sounded very nice. We had invited quite a few other people to come listen. There was a neighboring orphanage, the doctor, and friends of the girls from school and church that came.
  • The girls stayed here for the night and the next day they left for home, but they all ended up turning around and staying for another night since they had blocked the road between here and Cadiac. The next morning they tried again and were able to get thru. All arrived home safe and sound.